Our email response time for new tickets is 4 business hours.

If you experience an outage or other emergency at any time please call the Service Desk in addition to filing a ticket.

The Service Desk can be reached at (510) 664-9000 option 1, 1, 1

For support on existing systems please open a ticket:

Backup Managed Systems: ucbackup-ticket@berkeley.edu

Storage Managed Systems: storage-ticket@berkeley.edu

UNIX Managed Systems: unix-tickets@berkeley.edu

Windows Managed Systems: win-ticket@berkeley.edu

CalShare Services: cal_share@berkeley.edu

Cloud Services: cloud-ticket@berkeley.edu

Support tickets can also be opened via a web form

To help expedite the routing of your ticket to us please use one of the options listed below in the "Affected Service" field:

Backup Managed Systems: PI-IST UCBackup

Storage Managed Systems: PI-IST Storage

UNIX Managed Systems: Linux Server (IST Managed), CalWeb (Web Hosting)

Windows Managed Systems: Active Directory, Windows Server (IST Managed), Windows Web Hosting (IST Managed)

CalShare Services: CalShare (SharePoint)

Cloud Services: Cloud Services (Dedicated Compute), Cloud Services (VPS/VM)

New Customer Inquries

Unsure that our services address your needs, or to find out how to coordinate multiple services?

Please contact  is-platform-help@lists.berkeley.edu

We are located at:

Earl Warren Hall
2195 Hearst Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94720