CalShare (SharePoint)

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CalShare is a web based tool for creating and managing content for collaboration purposes to easily create and share sites, documents, images, lists, discussions, and surveys.

Key Features of the Service

  • New easier-to-use Sharepoint Online
  • Large set of tools and capabilities to address complex business needs and management of large, long term projects
  • Site dashboards
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Allows integration with 3rd Parties (Gmail, Box, Google Drive, Slack and many more) via Microsoft Flow
  • Can show the contents of a Box folder within the Sharepoint interface
  • Office Web Apps for online editing
  • Project Server Sites
  • Secure for sensitive data - hosted on campus, approved for MSSEI Level 2 data, and data is encrypted in transit

Who can use it?

For UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and departments.

How much does it cost?

$53.00 per month (currently no storage limit)

How do I get it?

Submit a CalShare Site Request

For general inquiries contact

Where can I get help?

CalShare has a delegated support model. For assistance with general questions, technical problems or issues accessing a specific CalShare site please contact the Site Administrator of the site in question. Here is a list of all Top Level Site Collection Administrators.

For assistance with any general questions about CalShare please email 

Site Collection Administrators for a top level site can request assistance at

If information cannot be located, or to reach out to CalShare Service Administrators for assistance, please contact

Training links are also available on the Training section of 

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