Dedicated Virtual Compute Cluster (ESXi)

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The Dedicated Virtual Compute Cluster service offers a hosted virtual infrastructure that gives greater flexibility and visibility to departmental system administrators. IST Platform Infrastructure maintains the hardware and hypervisor layers in this environment and leave the provisioning of virtual private servers  (VPS) to local system administrators.    

The underlying Blade configuration consists of Dell M630s with 384gb ram and dual Intel Xeon E5-2680 v3 processors (24 physical cores), two built-in 16GB HBAs for fiber attached SAN storage, and redundant 10GB network connections.

Each cluster consists of a minimum of 2 physical hosts.

Key Features of the Service

  • Shared storage datastores available at all of the tiers offered by the IST Storage Team can be added as needed to these private clusters
  • Dedicated subnets can be made available with hostnames in the namespace, either with public-facing IP ranges, or the Campus' RFC 1918 non-routable spaces
  • Clusters are also available at our site in the San Diego Supercomputer Center

Who can use it?

For faculty, staff, and departments from any University of California campus.

How much does it cost?

$685.00/host per month (minimum 2 nodes).

Storage is managed by the Cloud Team, but is provided from the IST Storage services and is billed at their direct rates.

How do I get it?

Submit a request to

Where can I get help?

Send a request to

To report an outage call (510) 664-9000 option 1, 1, 1

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