CalWeb Basic (UNIX/Apache) Site Request Checklist

Please note: We currently doing an assessment of our web hosting offerings and we are no longer adding new customers to the CalWeb Basic service.

When submitting a CalWeb Basic (UNIX/Apache) Site Request to the IST UNIX Team please include the following info:

1) Technical Contact/Department - Who (name and email address) is the tech lead on the project? What department is s/he from?

2) Email Contact List - A user owned email alias for all members of the project. We communicate with CalWeb Basic customers using this email alias. If you don't have an existing email alias, check into to see about creating one. Please note that keeping this email list up-to-date is your responsibility.

3) Sitename - What sitename does the user want? If you choose newsite, then we'll create,, If already exists, we'll create as a placeholder until the site migrates to the CalWeb Basic. Give some thought to this name as it is used as the key when building the site.

4) Software - Please identify all software dependencies (and version numbers) for your site so we can determine if we can support your needs. Be sure to include all dependencies (your software package may have its own dependencies that need to be listed). See the Software section below for a partial list of the software available on the Calweb Basic

5) Resources - How much disk space, memory, cpu you expect to use. If your requirements change after the account is setup, please be sure to let us know about your new requirements so we can update our documentation.