CalWeb Farm (UNIX/Apache) Site Request Checklist

Please note: We currently doing an assessment of our web hosting offerings and we are no longer adding new customers to the CalWeb Farm service.

When submitting a CalWeb Farm (UNIX/Apache) Site Request to the IST UNIX Team please include the following info:

1) Customer Contact Information – Provide the name, email, phone number and Department of the person or persons with the following responsibilities:

  • Billing and/or Administrative responsibility for the site - the person with financial responsibility for the account
  • Technical Lead for the site - the person who will manage the site
  • Authorized Requestors - individual authorized to request changes to the site

2) Notification/Contact eMail List - A user owned email alias for all members of the project. Notifications about CalWeb Farm maintenance or about problems with your website will be sent to this address. If you do not currently have a mailing list for your site/project team, check into to create one. Please note that keeping this email list up-to-date is your responsibility.

3) Sitename/URL - What sitename does the user want? If this is a brand new site and the DNS name does not already exist, we can assign that directly to the account at the outset. If you are transitioning from another location the production name will have a -demo appended to it initially. Give some thought to this name as it is used as the key when building the site and take a bit of effort to change after-the-fact. As an example, if your site selection was "", the following names will be assigned to your account (QA and DEV are not available on CalWeb Basic):

  • PROD: and/or
  • QA:
  • DEV:

4) Software - Please identify all software dependencies (and version numbers) for your site so we can determine if we can support your needs. Be sure to include all dependencies (your software package may have its own dependencies that need to be listed). See the Software section below for a partial list of the software available on the CalWeb Farm.

5) Resources - Quantification of how much of the following resources your site is expected to need. If your requirements change after the account is set up, please be sure to let us know about the new requirements so we can update our documentation.

  • Diskspace - Standard allocation is 1GB per layer
  • Memory - Standard allocation is 128MB of resident (unshared) RAM per server (there are 2-4 server per layer)
  • CPU - Does your site do anything that is CPU intensive?