Windows Systems Administration

The IST Windows Team offers administration options for servers located in the Data Center's of UC Berkeley and the San Diego Super Computing Center. There are two support levels offered: Standard and Extended.

Comparison of Features for each Support Level

Features Standard Extended
Cost (monthly) $111.00 $337.00
OS Level Monitoring Included Included
Custom Application Level Monitoring Available Available
Automated OS Level Patching Included Included
Custom OS Patching Schedule N/A Available
Security Management & Initial Firewall Configuration Included Included
Custom Firewall Configuration Available Available
Service Request Support Hours M-F, 8-5 M-F, 8-5

Scheduled Off-Hours Service Request Work

(Available with 2 business days lead time. Subject to SA availability and T&M charges.)

N/A Available

Incident Support Hours

M-F, 8-5 24x7
SA Consultation on Recharge Basis $115.00/hour $115.00/hour

Included = Included service as part of SA package

Available = Subject to SA availablity and T&M charges

N/A = Not an option in the SA package

OS Patching

Both Systems Administration packages include OS patching. Patches are reviewed for their criticality as they are released by Microsoft and applied on a routine schedule in order to minimize server outages.

Standard level servers are patched once a month between the hours of 12-6am.

Extended level servers are patched on a quarterly basis on Sundays between the hours of 5am -12pm, or within a custom time frame by request. 

Security patches deemed critical by the IST Windows Team are applied within 3-4 days for both support levels. Customers are notified via email before patches are applied.

Security & Monitoring

Phsyical hosts are secured in the Data Center in locked cabinets. Virtual Machine (VM) access is restricted to authorized users on a per-machine basis.  Both support levels include management of the hardware and software firewalls. All servers are monitored according to the Service Level Agreement for the corresponding support level.

SA Consultation

SA consultation is available on an hourly basis.

Rate Comparison

Here is a comparison of UC Berkeley's rates with selected peer institutions and outside vendors.

Who can use it?

For faculty, staff, and departments from any University of California campus.

How much does it cost?

Standard Systems Administration Support is $111.00/month.

Extended Systems Administration Support is $337.00/month.

Existing VMs with Standard support may be upgraded to Extended support.

How do I get it?

Submit a request via the Estimator

Where can I get help?

Send a request to

To report an outage call (510) 664-9000 option 1, 1, 1

What are the SLA?

This is the Systems Administration SLA.